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At Apartment and Corporate Relocation Services (ACRS), it’s about more than just the corporate monthly rentals. Our dedicated professionals deliver and set up your entire furniture package down to the last pillow, lampshade, and spoon, so you can focus on your job at hand. Whether you’re looking for military short-term rentals, you’re a traveling nurse or healthcare worker, or you’ve been temporarily displaced from your home, ACRS will help you find comfortable accommodations for any lifestyle – for three months or three years. Our vast selection of short-term rentals in South Carolina and parts of North Carolina and Georgia will help you find the perfect housing selection for your needs.

If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to contact us to discuss your inquiry.

What is the minimum stay?
Our minimum required stay is thirty days.
How much are units per day?
Our rates depend on a variety of factors, including location and furnishings. We are able to accommodate various price points, and are always able to price competitively in every market we serve.
Why can't I see what's available now?
We will work with you to find the perfect housing option that meets and/or exceeds your expectations. By doing this, we ensure that you are only looking at listings that are customized to your personal preferences.
What is included in my housing costs?
Your housing costs include a fully furnished apartment to include the living room, dining room and bedrooms. You’ll also have all the housewares you would need to cook a great meal or get ready for bed! Every apartment also comes with a washer and dryer, flat screen TV and microwave. All of your utilities such as water, power, gas and trash will be taken care of by ACRS. We also provide high speed internet and cable to all of our ACRS clients.
Can I bring my pet?
Yes! We will happily accommodate your pets with a pet deposit. We do have to abide by community guidelines and certain restricted breeds may limit housing options.