It’s the exciting time of year for college students to start heading back to school! Whether students are entering their freshman or senior year, they are all packing up and saying their bittersweet goodbyes as they move into dorms, apartments, and homes in their college town. Among that excitement can bring lots of moving stress and anticipated bills. College is expensive as is, but on top of tuition and university fees, you are met with off-campus housing and living expenses.

That’s where we come in. Let Furniture Service Inc. take stress away when it comes to moving and the costs. We provide furniture rentals which include living room, dining room, full stocked kitchen, and bedroom furniture. Our movers take pride in getting all the furniture there safely and setting it up so you don’t have to. The best part about it all you have to do is enjoy the furniture- we will pick it up at the end of the lease.

Now you might be wondering, why rental furniture?

  1. Save money where it matters.

Moving requires so many upfront payments including leasing application, down payments, rent, and utility fees. Then comes the cost of fully furnishing the space. Students need everything from a comfy bed to pots and pans. The cost, even going the cheapest route, for all the big-ticket items is still thousands of dollars. Our rental furniture packages are a fraction of the cost with the highest quality couches, chairs, mattress, and housewares. If it’s a roommate situation splitting the cost only makes it cheaper!

  1. No commitment to furniture.

Decoration and aesthetics are an everchanging playing field. One minute you want your room to look this way and one year later you want another way. When you purchase furniture, you are stuck with it. As you move from apartment to apartment, that furniture must go with you, and you are bound by the aesthetic it exudes. With a rental company, you only have that furniture for the length of your lease. You have the ability to decorate around the furniture we provide, but as life goes on after college, you can start fresh without having to lug all your college furniture with you.

  1. No hassle.

During the move-in, you won’t have to be stressed. Our professional movers will deliver and set up all the furniture on the designated delivery date. They take care of everything, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Beds will be made, and silverware will be put in a drawer. At the end of the lease, our movers will come back to pick everything up. All you have to worry about is your personal belongings. This is a great option for those who might have time in between leases because there is no need to rent a storage space for furniture. It’ll be the easiest move you’ve ever made!

Contact ACRS today to lease an apartment and rent furniture from our furniture rental company Furniture Services Inc.!